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What are the advantages of a dental implant over a dental bridge or denture?

January 12, 2017

A dental implant provides several advantages over a dental bridge or dentures, including:

• Maintain the integrity of natural teeth. Where a tooth-supported bridge uses the adjacent teeth to support the bridge, dental implants function independently of the neighbouring teeth.

• Maintain bone volume and health. Following the loss of a tooth, the host jawbone begins to resorb, leaving a visible defect that may result in an unattractive smile. About 80 per cent of the bone resorption occurs within a year following the tooth loss. Timely placement of dental implants can slow down or completely stop this bone resorption.

• Better esthetics. When properly planned and placed, dental implants provide the most natural esthetics, compared to a bridge or a denture.

• Comfort. Patients wearing dentures often complain of bad taste, loose dentures or inability to enjoy food. Dental implants will eliminate these problems.